No nation on this earth has ever been able to develop or scale up positively in the absence of peace, hence, our decision to ensure that we preach the gospel of Peace to all and sundry using the most recognizable sport in Nigeria, which is FOOTBALL.

Outlined below are some of the benefits of using SPORTS as a medium of communication with the youth.

  • Youth will be gainfully engaged.

  • Unemployment will be reduced.

  • Violence and Banditry will be reduced.

  • Trust and genuine patriotism will be encouraged.

The recent ENDSARS protest that happened in Nigeria has further reiterated the ugly truth that AN IDLE HAND IS THE DEVIL’S WORKSHOP.

Nigerian youth went amuck and sheer wanton destruction of lives and properties was witnessed. This goes to show that when youth solidarize under a negative cause, the resultant effect would be catastrophic.

Football, to us as a nation, is not just a sport; it is a language we all understand…

Bonaventure Chimee • National Coordinator


Peace within Our Border, without which there shall be no meaningful Development!


Sport is not only a social event but a social phenomenon and a social institution with potentials to change lives


Education is simply not a brick and mortar policy but anything that can bring a positive change to the lifestyle of the bearer


No country can stand as an entity if it cannot produce food for its citizens. Youth will be trained on the best farm practices to help increase food production